Founder and PR Director / The PR Maverick


Being in PR and Marketing for more than 12 years has given Wesley the privilege of seeing how the industry has evolved especially with the birth of social media and rapidly changing consumer trends.


In 2013, Wesley set up Right Hook Communications to add ‘punch’ to the PR scene using creative, tailor-made solutions and the rest as they say is history.

Major projects and clients he has managed over the span of his career include The St Patrick’s Day Parade 2015/2016, Global Security Asia 2015, ButlerTech, Australian High Commission, JobsDB.com, Dräger, Baxter, MHDG (Möet, Hennessy, Diageo), BOSCH, Beam Global, Volvo, Lacoste, Air New Zealand, JAAN, Keystone, KU DE TA Bali, Miele and Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant.


Living by the credo that ‘every brand has its own story to tell’, Wesley is a strong advocate against ‘unoriginality’ and will willingly break any ‘rule’ in the PR handbook to meet the objectives of his clients. They’re more like guidelines, really.