Media Training – The one thing most companies need but don’t know it


So your first question is probably, “What is media training and do I need it?”

















The more textbook explanation of what media training is, is that it involves developing the respective spokesperson with the right skills to help them manage interviews with reporters on TV, radio or face to face with print journalists.


While many people think that this is a good skill to have like being able to touch your nose with your tongue, many organisation heads don’t realise how important it actually is until its too late or when s**t hits the fan to be more precise.


All you need is one slip up during an interview by saying something stupid and you’ll lose your votes, sales or followers faster than the next Donald Trump/Kim Jong Un merchandise or promotion popping up. Take for example this Cadbury CEO who had no clue of what was coming at him.


In short media training is crucial to  create a good impression for your company as well as yourself.


How is media training relevant in the digital age?


With rapid technological advancements and the power of social media, the reach and speed of news has grown exponentially, reaching more people at speeds faster than the next celebrity sexual misconduct accusation. With every post, like and share, news takes a life on its own on the moment it goes ‘social’. 


The potential virality of news being spread on social media cannot be taken lightly. A slight blunder or joke taken out of context could lead to a PR nightmare.


A classic example would be speaking without realising your microphone is switched on like this classic example which happened to a former American Prime Minister.


Especially when you’re Ronald Reagan and you decide to say, “We begin bombing in five minutes.” during mic-check, putting the whole of Russia on red alert.


As always, prevention is better than cure. Media training can make the difference between creating a positive, powerful public impression or a downward spiral in reputation.


Here’s a glimpse into Media Training with three simple Do’s and Don’ts brought to you by Right Hook:




1. Establish Rapport

  • No one enjoys an awkward interview, it puts yourself and your interviewer in a spot, and who knows how this will be published. Good media relations take time and effort, no harm comes off having good rapport with a journalist. 


2. Use Simple Terms – NO JARGON

  • No one enjoys an awkward interview, it puts yourself and your interviewer in a spot, and who knows how this will be published. Good media relations take time and effort, no harm comes off having good rapport with a journalist.


3.  Stay on Track 

  • Why are you even doing this interview in the first place? Know your goal and bring your key points across! Regardless of the questions, bridge your answers back to your main point.




1. Cross your Arms  

  • Have you heard of the ‘7-38-55’ rule? Human communication is ‘7 percent spoken words, 38 percent tone of voice, and 55 percent body language'. Crossing your arms in an interview is almost always a sign that you are hiding something. Your body language may cause the journalist and your audience to misunderstand, regardless of whatever you say.


2. Say "No Comment" 

  • This is exactly what you see in movies all the time, please don’t follow suite. It’s quite a loaded phrase and these two words can destroy your reputation by making you look unresponsive, untrustworthy or even guilty.  


3. Go off the Record  

  • NEVER go off the record, especially on electronic media. In the eyes of many journalists, nothing is really ‘off the record’. If you don’t want it quoted, don’t say it no matter how cocktails are being pushed to you during that interview.  


Most importantly, seize the interview! Do not be afraid! It’s a rare and important opportunity for you to position yourself and your company in the eyes of the public. Through media training, you can be equipped with the skills to not just speak confidently, but to make the right impact with the media.


Contact us at to ace your next interview! With Right Hook, you can’t go wrong!





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April 7, 2020

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