#OMG #Hashtags #Are #Evolving

Remember the pound sign before it was called a hashtag? Wow, you are old!

It began with the little tweeting blue bird, and now it’s everywhere. On Facebook, Instagram, posters, billboards. It’s even made its way into our daily conversations #ThatEscalatedQuickly.

Twitter adopted the use of hashtags as a clever way to group content related to a similar topic and allow users to easily find and navigate through tweets that had used a similar tag. Pretty soon hashtags were booming everywhere - “Eating lunch now! #yummy #delicious #chickenrice #happy #food” or “Great picnic with the family! #family #happy #picnic #park #fun”. Okay #omg #ewww #cringe.

Today, hashtags are used for pretty much anything, be it television shows, breaking news, politics, activism, trends, celebrities and many more. #InfinityWar garnered over 2 million posts on Instagram and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain over 1 million. The very nature of hashtags allows anyone to create a community almost instantly. This is not just useful, it can be powerful as well; if you use it the right way.

Whether #FeelTheBern or #SelloutSanders in politics.

To social causes such as the ‘#HeForShe’ gender equality movement by the United Nations. And the ‘#BringBackOurGirls’ movement after the kidnapping of 276 young girls by Boko Haram in Nigeria, where more than 1.3 billion tweets were exchanged in one afternoon – now that’s what we call a viral effect.

And of course, for marketing. Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign was a huge success with the personalization and shareability of the campaign spreading like wildfire.

Finding the right hashtag can be difficult but here are 3 tips to keep your #HashtagGameStrong

1. Keep it Unique, Short and Simple (USS)

With the 280-character limit on Twitter, a long hashtag would mean fewer characters for the user to voice their opinion and of course, it’s simply more bothersome. A phrase that is funny or evokes emotion is always memorable. Make sure your content is to the point and impactful with one read.

2. Ride on Trends

Even if trends are fleeting and don’t always make sense (remember planking?), if you can make it appropriately relevant to your brand, why not hop on the bandwagon! Trends are potential opportunities to join in wider conversations and, more importantly, establish your brand’s personality. If you do it well #GOAL! #AchievementUnlocked!

3. Monitor and Evaluate

Yet another beautiful trait for hashtags is their measurable quality. Hashtags are not just about hitting your KPIs, but they can also help to keep an eye out for things that customers are saying about you and give insights into how they are interacting with your brand. Both quantitative and qualitative feedback are a plus!

It is crucial to keep up with the evolution of not just the use of hashtags, but Internet language as well to stay ahead of your competition. This is where #RightHookComms #SlidesIntoYourDm!

Equipped with the right people and experience, contact us at info@righthook.com.sg to find out more about our social media engagement services to keep your social media accounts #Lit.

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