10 Signs You Should Work in a PR agency

Signs you should work in a PR agency

One of the five hardest positions to fill in Singapore, a career in public relations is certainly not for everyone, especially in an agency. Although, the fact that you have even landed yourself on this article, means that in you, lies the tiniest speck of interest to join this exhilarating industry.

So, if you’re dying for a little spiritual enlightenment on whether you are right for the job, here are 10 signs that show you should work in PR (HintRight Hook Communications, Singapore’s Best PR agency):

You’re an extrovert

The essence of PR is found right in its name – to establish good relationships with the public! And to do that, you’re going to have to be someone who absolutely loves being around people.

The job entails a whole string of social events and client meetings where it will be on you to host the media, initiate conversations and even expand your social circle. Fortunately, if you are already outgoing, then these aspects of the job would come second-nature to you. In fact, you will fit right in with the family of social butterflies we call the PR industry!

Your writing is A+

Besides being social animals, PR pros are also known to be great writers!

A PR agency churns out a ton of press releases, pitch notes, blog articles and even social media posts every day; and in each of these written collaterals, it is expected that they tell a story engaging enough to make your audience give your client a second glance, all without the luxury of many words to do so.

Being succinct, riveting in both story and vocabulary, most importantly, grammatically accurate (considering the league of ‘Grammar Nazis’ that will examine your work) is key.

You are flexible

Of course, just being a good writer is not enough to tide you through your journey in the PR world. Having to handle multiple clients at the same time, each originating from a different industry and each targeting a different audience, you need to be flexible in your approaches.

You cannot put a blanketing set of rules of dos and don’ts over all the content you need to create. PR is ballet and you’ve got to be bendy enough to do your split leaps.

Perfection, perfection, PERFECTION

While every client is different, there is one universal principal that applies to handling any account – detail orientation.

As PR pros, we are responsible for disseminating accurate information about our clients. Be it consolidating the contact details of journalists for a media list or even just filling in the date and time of an event, there is quite a fair bit of administrative work that goes on behind the scenes.

If you are that pain-in-the-booty colleague that loves to check and double check, then you would do great when it comes to the nitty-gritty details of PR work!

You are always on time

However, try not to get your panties in a twist over the little details for too long. Each PR campaign, put simply, is made up of a list of steps. If we don’t get the first one over with, we can’t move on to the next one.

This is why deadlines and timelines are so important in PR! (And why our multi-coloured Google calendars have become our pride and joy.)

“Life-long learning” is the reason for your existence

Even though PR pros live minute to minute, they never fail to schedule a little time for themselves to hit the books!

Being constantly up-to-date skills-wise is especially important in PR. With the PR industry incessantly changing, there is always a new feature on Instagram, a new PR tactic to try out and new business opportunities arising to learn about.

Most PR pros are unassuming, and they never stick to a single method. Get out there and learn!

You have skin at least 5-inches thick

Nonetheless, your educational journey in PR won’t be a smooth one. Along the way, you will be shot down many times, by clients and bosses the same. There is no way for anyone to get it right the first time, especially since adapting to the context and the taste of your clients is going to take some trial and error, no matter how flexible you are.

Most PR pros just pull a Taylor Swift and ‘Shake It Off’, get up and persevere until they get it right. If you can do the same (or if you are Taylor Swift), then you’d probably have the tenacity to get through the critical industry that is PR.

You have a serious case of social media FOMO

If anyone has told you that you have a problem with social media addiction, they’re probably right. But lucky for you, your addiction could come in handy if you aspire to work in PR.

In today’s digital world, a PR pro’s scope of work has shifted dramatically towards social media sites, where news is quick to come and but also quick to go. It is also where the bulk all your audience and even clients lurk. Being online 24/7 gives you the upper hand of being in the know of everyone and everything. Well-informed, no trend, no news-worthy opportunities and no potential clients will ever get past you! In fact, you might very well be a media-monitoring asset to your agency (provided you can even get off your phone long enough to keep your colleagues in the loop).


The root of PR is nothing if not creativity. Each PR tactic is one-of-a-kind because that is the only way to tell the same story again and again and make it interesting. The long-term relationship that is maintained between agencies and clients requires PR pros to be able to create new story angles that keep the public warm with your client.

Moreover, what better way to grow a client’s presence in the media then to continually weave together captivating stories that attract journalists to write about and people to fawn over.

Adventure is out there!

Last but not least, PR pros are always ready to try new things! They are willing to take calculated risks and tap on new PR opportunities, all to bring new success to their clients and to their own agencies.

Just stepping into PR may have been a big step for some of the pros out there, or even you. But, “No fear, Shakespeare!”, nobody starts out a pro. If you are passionate about the job, there’s nothing a little hard work can’t fix. So, step out of your comfort zone and join the PR industry, because adventure is out there!

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